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Doing any outdoor activities can be pretty fun, exciting, and enjoyable. However, you will get dirty by involving in many different activities. In order to stay clean and fresh, you need a hot and relaxing shower to keep your body smelling good and relaxed. This is where camping showers can be very helpful. These showers are portable, durable, and affordable. They come in different designs and offer useful features that will enable you to make the most of your outdoor trip. In addition, camping showers are very simple and fast to set up. In fact, the process only takes a few minutes.

We sifted through hundreds of the best camping showers, narrowing it down to top models so that we can help you buy the best product for you.

Read on for our very in-depth camping shower educational guide. 

Our 2019 Best Solar Shower Reviews

Advanced Elements 5 Gallon

Experience unmatchable showers. It’s user friendly, compact and durable. The Advanced Elements shower sets the bar a little higher with constant water flow and long service.
Who’s this mobile solar shower made for?
It entails a 4 ply structure that has the capability to withstand the harsh outdoor environments. Interestingly, this equipment has very little moving parts and is intact. The 4 layer bag doesn’t create any frills or bells.

Advanced Elements team has used modern technology to make certain that the system is reliable and efficient. The traveling shower includes a reflector panel which hastens the creation of water. You don’t need to wait for long to enjoy a shower. Secondly, the system has second insulator panel which makes sure your water doesn’t lose the heat! The system has a temperature gauge which indicates if your water is prepared based upon your option.

We love that this mobile outdoor shower includes some tech features that actually kick it up a notch. It is not just a bag filled with water. Beneath that, the bag was designed to help the warm water last using sunlight.
Additional benefits are the reflective panel and insulation panels that helps the water to get hot and stay hot.
To help solve some packaging issues you might have, there’s a handy side pocket for keeping all of your showering accessories together and not leaving them lying on the floor as you use it.
In Addition, the shower head resides on a tube which you can catch to direct the water where you want it most.
Best For: People who love an easy, mobile and portable solution for a shower! With a capacity of 5 gallons, this might not be the largest on the marketplace, but with a cost set to below 50 bucks, it provides great value for money.
The shower head has a control and is intuitive to use.



* Doesn’t need batteries, propane or gas to power* Needs care or may leak along the seams if not properly cared for
* A handy side pocket for accessories
* Fairly Inexpensive
* Mobile when compacted

This camping shower is a dependable, trusted and efficient method of enjoying showers when you’re out fishing, camping or hunting. This is a product you’ll find helpful.

Best Solar Shower Buying Guide

Benefits Of solar showers

Easy to use

Most camping showers are easy to set up and use. All you need to do is to fill them with water, hung them up, and let them do their job. The setup process typically only takes a few minutes, providing convenience to the users. They often come with a manual so you can easily follow the instruction if you are having a difficult time setting it up. And when it comes to following the guide, make sure to be careful to avoid any complications during the entire process. You will be able to take a shower anytime as easy as a piece of cake with a camping shower. 

Durable and compact

Camping showers are portable and durable. These showers often come in small sizes, allowing you to bring or store them with little to no effort. Furthermore, they are pretty durable. In fact, they are made to withstand even the harshest outdoor conditions. Camping showers are made of quality materials, and this is what allows them to be used no matter the time and situation. If you’re looking for a convenient way of keeping your hygiene on point, a camping shower can definitely help you with that. 


One of the best things about camping showers is that they are budget-friendly. Considering all the amazing features they have to offer, they are very affordable. This makes them an excellent outdoor tool. If you want to maintain your hygiene on the go, camping showers are the ones you need. These showers are not only affordable but very reliable and efficient as well. With a camping shower, you’ll be able to stay fresh throughout your entire outdoor trip. You can use them anytime and anywhere, making them pretty convenient to use. Moreover, camping showers are not expensive and they are worth the money.


You can effortlessly and conveniently carry a camping shower wherever you go as they are light. They are very light, especially without water. In addition, you can fold them up, providing more convenience. Most camping showers only weigh less than two pounds without the water. If you’re tired of smelling bad or getting dirty while you’re camping outdoor, don’t hesitate to invest in a camping shower as soon as possible.

Before you head out and tackle different outdoor activities, make sure to have your camping shower to make the moment more fun and fresh.

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