Top Reasons To Switch To Solar Christmas Lights

As Christmas time approaches, many roads across the country start glisten with the magical sight of Christmas lighting. However, this type of magic sight comes with a cost. For all of the energy Christmas lightings consume, cash adds up on electricity bills.

Solar Christmas lights could be the solar solution to save both money and energy during this season. Exactly how much can these lights save? Let’s see….

Why You Should Switch to Solar Christmas Lights?

Save in the long run in your electricity bill

While the initial costs of solar powered Christmas lights are higher compared to traditional lights, you can save later in your electricity bill.

Last Longer

While the cash you save may not look like much, think about this: not only can you save money on your electricity bill, but also because of solar-powered Christmas lights last on average 10 times more. This means you won’t need to buy new Christmas lights every couple of years.

Tax Rebates

Want more rationale to switch? Two words: tax rebates. Many power companies offer tax rebates to people who switch to solar LED lights. Check to find out if a rebate applies to you.

Perhaps you ought to look at the larger picture and see statistically how much solar LED Christmas lights save.

Solar Statistics

-Lighting uses 22% of the electricity and 8% of the entire energy invested in America.
-Each year, Americans buy 600 trillion kilometers of Christmas lights. That is enough to stretch to the outside limits of the universe and back 5 times.
-Christmas lights in complete consume 5 times the power output of the sun since the start of time.
– According to the Electric Power Research Institute, $250 million would be saved each year, if everyone in America switched to solar LED Christmas lights.

If you’re looking to save this Christmas, consider switching to solar-powered Christmas lights. From the looks of it, it pays to go solar.

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