An Easy Guide For Building a budget-friendly DIY Solar pool heater

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Goodbye summers and hello winters! With the scorching heat of summers fading away, it is the time of the year again when you bask in the amber hues of the soothing sun. The time for bringing out those cozy quilts has arrived. With the bone-chilling winds blowing outside the windows. Who would not like to stay snuggled up in the comfort of their warm quilts sipping a hot cup of cocoa. No matter how beautiful the snowfall season might be, no one tends to miss out the fun of taking a dip in the pool. Are you one of those people missing their swim schedule? Is the winter chill preventing you from taking a bath? Why give up on something that you love? Enjoy the fun of swimming in winters by opting for a pool heater.

Often people refrain from opting for underwater heaters as they tend to burn a hole in the pocket. Not everyone can afford expensive heaters. Why worry about the cost when you can simply make your own DIY solar pool heater. If you’re wondering about how to get on with the building of a cost-effective and environmentally friendly water heater then this post is meant for you. We have brought for a complete guide that would assist you in building your own heater. Read on to find out more about it.

The Benefits of A Homemade Pool Heater

Let not the winters keep you away from your daily swim. Simply install a pool heater to enjoy a rejuvenating winter swim. The underwater heater not just aids you in enjoying a swim but it also helps in preventing the pool water from freezing. The benefits of a water heater are countless. Here are some of the benefits that are attained from a solar-powered pool heater. Check them out now.


  • Extended Swim Season

Usually, it has been observed that pool owners utilize the pools during the summer season. The pool remains cold and abandoned during the winter season. However, installing a solar pool heater aids the pool owner to enjoy a dip during the winters which helps in extending the swim season.


  • Saves energy

With the increasing awareness about saving energy solar-powered pool heaters have gained much popularity. The pool heater makes use of the sun’s energy to keep the water warm. The use of solar power helps in bringing down the usage of electricity which in turn aids in saving energy.


  • Protects Environment

Solar heaters are an environment-friendly way of warming water. The green way of water heating helps in reducing the carbon footprint which in turn helps in saving the environment.


  • Economical

One of the biggest benefits of homemade pool heaters is that it is economical. With the utilization of solar energy, the pool heater brings down the cost of energy consumed to just half.


  • Low maintenance

One of the greatest feats of solar pool heaters is that they require low maintenance. If taken care then a pool heater can last for up to 20 years and more.


  • Quality time

Winter is a holiday season and with popular tourist places being flocked by people one tends to miss out spending some alone time. Fixing solar heaters would help you to relax and spend quality time beside the pool with your bae.

Things Required For Building An Affordable Solar Pool Heater

Have you been stunned by the benefits of a pool heater? Planning for building a DIY pool heater of your own? Then to get you started we have brought for you a list of things that go in the building of a room heater. Scroll down to find out more.

  1. An underwater pump

For building a homemade pool heater you need to fetch an underwater pump. You can find these easily in nearby pool supply stores or hardware stores.

  1. Solar panel 

For building a solar pool heater you need to purchase a solar panel. Make sure to find one of the best quality as it would be working more than the pump. You can find one at the home improvement stores or perhaps you can also shop online for them.

  1. Conductive Wiring

To connect the various parts of the solar panel you need to buy conductive wiring such as a copper wire. The wires also channel power into one another.

  1. PVC piping

To make the pool heater work you need to buy PVC pipes. The piping helps in keeping the water warm.

  1. PV Module

For the solar pool heater, you need a PV module which is a photo-voltaic cell that turns the solar energy into thermal energy which is required for the pool.

An Efficient Way Of Building An Affordable Homemade Pool Heater

Now that you’re all set with the pool building materials we will help you in constructing it. Here is a step by step guide into building a homemade pool heater.

  1. Place the pump underwater and the solar panel adjacent to the pool facing the direction of the sun.
  1. Connect the pump and the solar panel to the PV module using the conductive wiring.
  1. Place the PV module into the pool as well to generate heat.
  1. Cover the wiring with the PVC pipes.
  1. Fill the pool with water and allow the water to get heated.
  1. Your all set now enjoy your swim.

 So this was how you can seamlessly create your own DIY solar pool heater. Did you find this post useful? Let us know about your views and opinions in the comments below.

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