BEST Solar Christmas Lights Reviews & Ratings 2021

Deal Score+57
Deal Score+57

Best solar Christmas lights 2021

All of us love Christmas days, that particular time of the year all of us celebrate and revel in.
What if we do not decorate with regular lights and begin decorating together with solar Christmas lights?

Solar Christmas lighting are used for decorations to get ready for Christmas and for producing light and splendor throughout Christmas. Solar powered Christmas lights are among the most gorgeous things which could be viewed throughout the holiday season.

Solar lights are exceptionally great for Christmas time decoration, both with beautiful colours and gorgeous lighting. Since they are affordable, eco-friendly, and safe, they are a fantastic alternative to traditional Christmas lights. They work by collecting in sunlight during the daytime, then emitting this light when it is not sunny, like during overcast weather or at nighttime. Besides, you can turn off this light when you do not need it.

If you’re thinking about buying a solar Christmas lights then you need to read our best solar powered Christmas lights reviews and ratings for 2019:

Our 2021Best Solar Christmas Lights Reviews

Best solar powered christmas lights  NO. 1 – GDEALER Waterproof Solar Outdoor String Christmas Lights

The Gdealer solar Christmas lights are bright and beautiful lights that are fantastic for illuminating a large area superbly. Not only are those lights looks great but are water proof and durable. 

Fairy Lighting
These solar powered Christmas lights have a lengthy series of LED solar powered lighting which provides a fairy impact when used outside. They light through the evening and are best for decorating patios, gardens, yards, lawns, and lawns.

Long Working Hours
These best solar Christmas lights have an eight hours working period as soon as they are fully charged which means that you can enjoy the light for the whole night. There’s zero requirement for manually turning those lights and turning off them since they’ve got an automated detector  – they will light themselves up and turn themselves off too.

Simple to Run
These solar lights are extremely straightforward and easy to work with. Not just that, they’ve got 8 light modes: Combination, Waves, Sequential, Slo-Glo, Chasing/Flash, Slow fade, Twinkle/Flash, Steady and you can choose to use whichever you desire. 

Main Features

  • There are 2 switches, one is Mode(8 modes: Combination, Waves, Sequential, Slo-Glo, Chasing/Flash, Slow fade,Twinkle/Flash,Steady on), another is Power On/Off. 【can’t fix one mode, modes will change automatically】
  • This 33ft 10m long LED solar string provides fairy lighting effect. The whole light is waterproof, suitable for outdoor use, no worry for rain drops.
  • 8 hours working time after fully solar-charged, enjoy the lighting for whole night.
  • Romantic lighting effects illuminates during night, ideal for decorating your gardens, patio, lawn, porch, gate, yard, etc.
  • Solar powered panel is stood by a 20cm garden spike. With ON/OFF, MODE switches.



* Easy installation, Safe, Easy to use* They reset to the first mode which is blinking
* They only need a few hours of light before dusk and still glow all night long 
* The thin copper wires are stiff and springy 

Best solar powered Christmas lights  No. 2 -Innoo Tech Lights for Garden Path, Party, Bedroom Decoration

The Innoo solar lights are created out of manganese, which certain that the solar panel could be charged when it is cold outside–even in the winter. Not merely are the Solar Outdoor String Lights simple to operate, but they are also simple to install. 

High Performance
These Solar Outdoor String Lights work quite effectively in their own absorption of sun and its conversion to energy. The solar panel can even adjusted itself accordingly  to consume as much light as it can.

Since they’re water-resistant, you may keep them out on rainy days without having to worry they will blow a fuse.

Simple to Use
Easy to Operate & Install. Simple operation with 2 switches and one Stake.

Main Features

  • Long working time—-With a full charge of 6-8 hours, the Fairy lights will provide lighting for 8-10 hours.Manganese element are added into the Innoo Tech Solar Light Batteries to ensure that solar battery can be charged in the Winter.
  • Water–resistant—-This solar string lights suitable for outdoor & indoor
  • Eco Saving—-Built-in rechargeable NI-MH battery,recharge at daytime and light up automatically at night or dark environment
  • Efficient Absorption & Conversion—-Adjustable solar panel design for direct sunlight in Summer and Winter




* Small and easy to install * settings are click through on the back of the solar panel
* Nice golden glow* Some assembly required.
* Protected against weather. 
* Ultra-fast tracking speed and guaranteed tracking efficiency. 
* Flashing or static option 

Best solar power Christmas lights NO. 3 – Ankway Solar String Lights

The Ankway solar power lights will be the best lights for you if you enjoy variety. These lights have 8 styles of lights to choose from, based on how you want the lighting to be, from steady colors to various flashing types.

8 Lighting Modes
you might have a different style of light to every day of this week. People who used these best solar Christmas lights were really fond of the 8 light modes since it broke the monotony of one type of light.

High Efficiency
These lights are highly efficient and may work up to 10 hours or longer. The outdoor string lights come with an automobile sensor which will automatically turn on the lights when it’s dark and turn them off throughout the day to save the electricity. 

Durable and Bendable
These are created from bendable aluminum, 72 feet length, durable enough to experiment with any shapes. In this manner, you can fix them and bend them and make whichever shapes you would like or hang them however you need! It’s all about using your creativity to decorate and light up your space.

Main Features

  • 200 LED BRILLIANT LIGHTS — 200 Super Bright LED bulbs on 72 feet, 2M/6.56ft length of leading wire high quality solar string lights outdoor. Ideal for decorating your gardens, patio, yard, wedding, party,restaurant,christmas tree, etc.
  • 3-STRAND COPPER WIRE LIGHTS — This solar string lights is made of durable, bendable & waterproof IP65 3-strand copper wire, durable enough to expirement with any shapes. So it can be used outdoors as well (please kindly note lights can not be immersed in water)
  • 8 LIGHTING MODES — Gorgeous lighting modes including combination, fireflies flashing, waves, fading, chasing/flashing, fading slowly, twinkle/flashing and steady on.
  • EASY TO INSTALL — This solar fairy lights is thin and flexible . So you can build the shapes you want easily , it’s easy to store also.Led string lights is wonderful for outdoor christmas decorations.
  • EFFICIENT ABSORPTION & CONVERTION — LED christmas lights designed with the solar panel and rechargeable battery, the solar lights string can work for about 8 hours at night if the panel absorbs enough sunshine during day.12 Months Warranty, welcome to contact us with any request.



* 12 Months Warranty* Tangles really easily,, don’t unravel more than a foot or two at a time
* Durable, bendable & waterproof IP65 3-strand copper wire* The steak for the panel is plastic and would probably break if you’re not particularly careful when inserting it into the ground
* The installation process is quite easy 
* Gorgeous lighting modes including combination, fireflies flashing, waves, fading, chasing/flashing, fading slowly, twinkle/flashing and steady on. 

Best solor outdoor Christmas lights NO. 4 – Icicle Solar String Lights Outdoor

The Icicle solar lights have a exceptional method of lighting up an entire location. All these superb exterior solar string lights light through the night providing you with a warm and charming atmosphere for the beautiful house, terrace, garden, landscape, etc. These are lively and bright and provide a feeling of pleasure and energy. 

Auto sensor
These LED lights are made from sturdy, durable hard plastic that’s cost-saving, eco friendly, and nontoxic. Furthermore, these lights come with an automatic sensor which will turn on at night and supply constant lighting up to 8 hours. 

DIY Setup
The solar panel is easily installed and extremely easy to use. One button will be for the power management to switch lights off or on, and the other one is for the 8 modes controllers. You don’t have to be tech savvy to use those bulbs!

Main Features

  • These wonderful outdoor solar string lights illuminate during the night giving you a warm and charming atmosphere to your beautiful home, patio, garden, landscape, etc
  • Solar & durable -LED solar lights outdoor charges battery on sunny and cloudy days. Lights automatically turn on at night with continuous lighting up to 8hrs. These solar Christmas lights are strong durable hard plastic, cost-saving, Eco friendly, and reusable.
  • IP 65 Waterproof for indoor and outdoor decorations – Can withstand all kinds of weather. The duration time of the lights working will not be influenced by different weather, seasonal, geographic and other factors.
  • Easy installation & operation – these best solar Christmas lights can be easily installed. One button’s for power controlling and another one is for 8 modes controlling.
  • Useful & Safe – it can serve multiple purposes. Its low working voltage and waterproof is safe to use around family with children.



*several ways to have the lights – steady, twinkling, twinkling faster, alternating, only two colours on, random, etc.*there’s no holes to hang it on a screw​
* the solar stake is very solid and well made. You can also adjust a nut to tilt it. *

Best solar outdoor christmas lights NO. 5 -LuckLED Christmas Globe Lights 

The Luckled lights  are a fantastic alternative if you would like solar lights which operate both indoors and outside. They’re waterproof, so they’re a fantastic option if you want your electronic equipment to be lasting.

Unique oriental style lantern
Special lantern ball appearance makes your environment out of ordinary.

With the efficient layout of the solar panels, these lights are a perfect alternative for long-lasting solar Christmas lighting. In addition, the lights are created out of manganese, which makes sure you could control the lights’ battery in the sunlight. They will light up throughout the night, or even if it is chilly and humid outside.

Long Working Time
Up to 8 hours of continuous lighting with a single battery charged

Easy to Operate & Install
Installing the lighting is simple. They have two buttons, which simplifies the process tremendously. When setting up the lights, you can adjust the solar panel so they consume as much sun as possible.



* wire is great for any application, or any place that you want to put them*The instruction booklet is hard to understand
* Weather resistance *

Buying Guide – Solar Christmas Lights

Solar lighting is remarkable. The lights need nor wires  or cables and turn on when the sun goes down. But with so many diverse sorts of solar power Christmas lights on the current market, it can be tough to choose precisely which kind of best solar Christmas lights you need for your lawn. In the beginning, the choice seems clear: replacing all your Christmas lights with energy-free single-cost lights is the most effective and inexpensive choice. But you should be careful, while LED lighting and solar cells have progressed significantly through the years, you will want to make an informed decision before buying, otherwise you may wind up with dim lights and weak solar batteries.

current generation of solar LED lights

It’s ideal to buy the current generation of solar LED lights within the old versions. Past generations typically produced dim lighting with short term battery life.

Functional vs Decorative Lighting

Just as with regular landscape lighting, solar lights are broken down into practical and decorative uses. In general, decorative lights won’t need to be quite powerful. They should simply illuminate a feature while functional lights have a more activity-dependent job to execute.

Accent lighting is purely decorative. By highlighting one characteristic or small set of attributes using a well-placed solar accent lighting you’ll be able to guide the eye of any visitor into your lawn to the places you want seen. Since these lights aren’t used for wayfinding they’re typically dimmer than others. Using a warm color temperature is a good idea for all lights, but any ornamental lighting ought to be warm to prevent giving the characteristic an unearthly sheen.

Landscape lights, on the other hand, are decorative but must be strong. These flood lights should be aimed at design or architectural features. Elements of your home and trimmed trees are excellent candidates for solar landscape lighting. Again, using a warmer color temperature is best.

Path lighting requires just a small light but must have longevity in regards to the amount of time these lights remain on. If an accent lighting or landscape light runs out of electricity during the night, it’s a shame but not a problem. When a path light turns dark, it can create a tripping hazard. Always look for path lights that generate light without glare and will last through the night

Deck lights should follow the same principles as path lights. They provide safety and beauty when you’re outside at night. The majority of your deck lighting should nevertheless be generated by flood lights, but sometimes it’s nice to enjoy the darkness of the night with just a ring of warm lights around the deck, and solar deck lights are perfect for this.

Bear in mind that, when using solar lights, they need direct access to the sun during the day. Putting solar lights in a shaded spot will lower their effective on-time during the night, and they will be less successful during the night once the day was overcast.

Why You Need Solar Christmas Lights?

They may not look like much, but they do use electricity — if you keep your string lighting up for many weeks, you might end up with a surprisingly large electric bill after all these presents are unwrapped. Fortunately, solar isn’t just for your rooftop: it also provides a renewable alternative to conventional holiday lights. Solar powered Christmas lights are a terrific alternative for energy-conscious holiday decorators, and are emerging in Christmas displays nationally, so why are these high tech lights so popular? Consider these seven benefits:

1. Simple Setup:

Unlike installing electric lights, with solar lights you do not have to worry about power outlets and wires; that means that you can decorate that tree throughout the lawn that once was out of reach.

2. Convenience:

Best solar Christmas lights are convenient for a number of reasons. Their batteries automatically recharge during the day, and the turn off and on in the start of dusk and sunrise, respectively. Additionally, you do not ever have to worry about the lights going out. A bulb burns out? The remainder keep shining. Power outage? You will have the only lit house in the neighborhood!

3. Safety:

Solar powered Christmas lights require no dangerous extension cords running across your yard. They also run cooler, so there is less chance of overheating and fire.

4. Free Energy:

That means you might save a lot on your energy bill during the holiday season–as much as $10.00 per 300 hours. Talk about a Christmas gift!

5. Tax Rebates:

In addition to saving you money by using free energy, solar powered Christmas lights may qualify you for a tax lien on your energy bill. For instance, BENCO, a power supplier in Minnesota, allowed its members to acquire a $3.00 per strand lien on their electric bills when they bought up to ten strings of LED Christmas lights. Check to find out if a similar rebate applies to you.

6. Quality:

Also they do not contain filaments that cause incandescent bulbs to burn out or break easily, and they are made of durable plastic instead of glass.

7. Environmentally friendly:

These lights don’t lead to any polluting gas emissions such as carbon dioxide or nitrous oxides. They also last longer, meaning less light strands are thrown out only to pile up in landfills.

Before you deck the halls this holiday season, think about these seven benefits of solar powered Christmas lights. Switching to solar powered Christmas lights now just might result in a brighter tomorrow.

how do solar christmas lights work

Solar Christmas lights operate by converting energy from sunlight into electricity that powers the lighting of the light bulbs. During the day, sunlight charges a battery with the support of a solar cell.

A solar Christmas light strand works because of three fundamental parts:

A PV cell collects and converts the sun’s energy into an electrical current. When sunlight strikes the PV cell, energy is consumed by semiconductors (like silicon) that compose the cell. The recently absorbed energy causes a loss of electrons that flow within an electron current. This present provides the power needed to power the solar panel

The Battery
The solar cells of solar Christmas lights are wired to a rechargeable battery by means of a diode. The diode directs the power flow to the battery so it doesn’t flow back to the solar panel. A NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) battery is usually utilized to keep the energy during the day until it’s released at night.

The LED bulbs
After the battery has charged and night has fallen, the batteries stopped generating power using a photo resistor. This system indicates a control board to turn on the LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs by detecting darkness. These LED bulbs can last for approximately 100,000 hours, compared to an incandescent bulb’s 3,000 hours. After the photo resistor finds darkness, the control board prompts the electron current from the PV cell to emit the power into the attached cord containing the LED bulbs, making their glow. The identical photo resistor then detects if the sun comes up, the lights stop shining, and the process repeats.

Important Things to consider when buying Solar Christmas Lights:

Solar lighting has become an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional and expensive electric lights that now illuminate our homes and living spaces because they are affordably priced, easy and safe to install . While searching for solar lights, it’s necessary to match the lighting to the function that you want it to carry out.
What’s the goal of setting up the lights? Is it to cover the entire house, the outside, or just the Christmas tree? Firstly one needs to consider the intent of purchasing the lights and just what they have in mind for Christmas decoration. If it is only for lighting up the tree, then the”solar rope lights” are the best ones to take into account. Many decorations may be used within the house by ensuring the solar panel is in direct sunshine.
All you buy depends upon your budget. If you know how much you’re prepared to spend on light, you can pick the sort of lights you need to buy. By way of instance, you can get regular solar lights for decorating the exterior of your home during the holidays, or you may even get”Solar task lights and spotlights” that are designed so that they can be mounted in numerous ways. The majority of the times, the amount you’re willing to spend on a certain thing narrows down your search automatically.
Does it Require Complete Sunlight?
Before purchasing the lights and determining where you want to put in them, figure out whether the battery requires full sun to control or not. This sort of solar light may also be billed on a cloudy day.
Solar Christmas lights can be found in various colours, multi colours in addition to white lights. So depending on what’s your colour preference you can choose whichever sort of glow you would like. Some solar lights glow for many days before having to recharge.
Form of Light Bulb
Check the sort of light bulb that the solar light uses. LED lights offer you the brightest and most efficient lighting in regards to size, efficiency, cost, and energy use.
Another important element to consider is if you would like to use these lights just during the holiday season, or during the year for other purposes too. In the former case, an individual needs to consider the lights that serve just the Christmas decorations function. While in the latter case, an individual needs to consider buying those lights that may be used through the year.
Which solar lighting you need to get also depends upon how the weather conditions are where you now live and where you wish to use the lights. This is a significant point in deciding which lights you need to purchase. There are solar power lights, which include an AC or a USB charger to charge the lights during the days when there is little or poor sun, as in the winter season. There are additional solar energy lights, which have a dim manner too so to use small light and that way the charging can go on for the whole night.

How Much Light Will You Get?

Solar Christmas lights offer you varying levels of light and need different amounts of sun. Therefore, the potency of a light depends upon which version you have chosen. Some versions –lower-quality ones in particular–might be unable to conserve battery power for over a day or so. This makes them poor choices to buy –not just in areas where overcast days are common but pretty much everywhere since even the majority of places frequently have their bouts of cool overcast days. Other lights can save energy even if it is dim out, but they will not shine for quite a long time because they are not so strong.

HHow Durable Are They?

Some versions of solar Christmas lights are, as we have said, not reliable–they’ll break down over time, and they do not guarantee continuous light, even if they’ve been billed. Another reason some models aren’t a good alternative is that the solar panels of a few components are coated with a cheap kind of plastic. To deal with this issue, it is preferable that you buy models whose solar panels are lined with tempered glass, which is far more resistant.
Another thing that you need to watch out for is if the LED lights can be substituted. This is a clear advantage, since replacing entire solar lights if their bulbs blow out is expensive (and not just environmentally friendly). Another element which affects durability is whether the lights are water-resistant. Water-resistant lights are perfect; they won’t detract in rainy weather.

What They’ll Look Like in Your Yard or on Your Lawn

As an example, you can purchase them in on strings or at garlands. You can buy them with an assortment of shapes also. By way of instance, they may be shaped like icicles, or they may be relatively modest, with a paver-like contour, so you may use them to light your path. Additionally, there are models which are shaped like little lampposts.
Since solar Christmas lights come in various colors, sizes and shapes, you want to take into consideration how they will look on your lawn, or in your yard, prior to buying any. Bear in mind that they won’t appear just like they do in the shop as soon as they’re placed. They may also appear not to be too large, depending upon the size of your property, because your home is significantly bigger than the other lights it had been exhibited with at the shop. And those from online stores may not look as you have expected in any respect. Retailers cheat by displaying the lights in perfect lighting and weather conditions. Sometimes, if they have run from a specific model, they may send you another version entirely.

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