10 Best Solar Roof Vents (Complete Review)

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Deal Score+71

It’s a common practice to set up a separate corner in the attics. Some people use this space for research, work at home, or for storage. Almost every house has an attic which plays a role to keep the temp controlled. All the warm air from other parts of the house rise and tents up in the attic.
Thus the result is a blazing hot loft where you can’t sit without drenching on your perspiration.
But the best part is you can get rid of this problem as a result of solar roof vents. In simpler terms, the roof vents work by pushing out all the hot air.
It leads to a lower temp in the attic with humidity finally making the house cooler.
Today we are to list down the best solar roof vents which you can purchase. Compared to passive air vents, solar roof vents are far more efficient.
They tend to circulate more air in less time making the temp fall sooner.
Now you know the significance of solar roof vents you might wish to have one for your loft.
So we will help you today by providing a thorough review of the top solar roof vents. There some helpful tips in addition to answers to various queries.
Let us get started without wasting any time!

Our Best Solar Roof Vents reviews

Amtrak Solar Roof Vent

This 40-watt Amtrak solar attic fan is one of the most effective solar attic fans with 25-year guarantee that we could recommend to you. It’s got stability, power, durability, and the warranty to back up those expectations.

The Amtrak 40-Watt, 14-inch solar powered fan comes highly recommended by a lot of inspection websites and loads of real life users. It’s great as a gable port, to get a garage, greenhouse, as well as RV. But the quality and size of it operate for an attic perfectly well up to 2250 square feet.

The kit has a 40-watt solar panel and high-volume enthusiast, along with four Z-brackets for easy installation.

Here we have the first solar roof vent that you can purchase to ward off the warm air. In summer the rooms on top floors are the ones that suffer the most. And the attic is so suffocated affect the atmosphere of the entire house.
But this was something in the past when people didn’t use roof vents or attic fans.
Thanks to this innovation, now your AC will work just fine and the home will stay cool.

Made with premium-quality material the enthusiast has bigger blades. These 10″ high blades offer efficacy and almost no sound.
The size of this vent is around 14″ and generates no extra installation mess. As a result of the quick-connect wires you can install it with no hassle.
It works by pushing the air out and pulling fresh air in, so even during winters, you can depend on the vent.
Moreover, the use of the product isn’t limited to the loft only. You can use it for the garage, gable vent, cabin, shed, etc.. The kit comes along with an extra 15″ wire and mounts.
Then it supports a high torque motor with a sealed ball bearing. So you get to enjoy bigger blades and lower sound, unlike other vents.
Among the prime facets of this solar vent is the guarantee offered by the company. It gives a straight 25 years warranty that can be tough to find with other manufacturers.


  • Easy installation
  • Larger blades
  • Durable all-metal construction
  • Works incredibly well with thermostat turning on and off automatically
  • Well balanced blades whip the air nicely
  • Works for large spaces
  • Long warranty of 25 years


  • Size of fan
  • As usual, on overcast days, the fan won’t be much use. But then, there will not be much heat
  • Can take some time to install for an inexperienced person


With the backing of a 25-year warranty, this solar fan for the attic offers good value for money. If you’re trying to find a fan that will last decades, you may want to try this one.

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Next on the list of solar roof vents, we’ve got a product that’s a hot-seller in the marketplace. If have some concerns about the standard of vents and require a trusted product. Well, you’re at the ideal place making the best choices..

The air conditioners seem to do nothing on these days.

Thus the result is up to 537 CFM through the year which also saves you money.

Made with sturdy ABS plastic and tempered glass that the panel provides durability. It’s UV-stabilized and color-dyed substance used to survive the harsh summer sun. Even during a cold night or a hail storm, the port can withstand effortlessly. The design is strong enough to provide resistance with time.

Moreover, it’s a 12″ diameter and a fan with 5 blades manufactured from aluminum. Thus the blades ensure to eliminate all of the warm air and make the temp drop in lesser time.


  • DC motor
  • efficient
  • weather-resistant


  • No warranty


With its compact foundation design, the space required for installation will also decrease. This saves you time which otherwise could have taken hours.

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This silent, effective solar attic fan is easy to install and provides enormous savings without you having to pay a huge quantity of money. The polycrystalline solar panel is flexible and flexible, and you have loads of control over this enthusiast. It comes with a wise thermostat which has a wide selection of temperature settings (from 65-130F), and a readily accessible enable/disable feature. In addition, it is ready for add-on attributes such as a screen protector, an adapter, and an on/off switch. On top of that, iLiving supplies a 15-year guarantee on your fan.

If you would like a product that delivers efficiency together with durability then here is the best one. From its design to attributes, you can decide on this port for complete satisfaction.

It offers a intelligent thermostat controller that supports enable/disable the attribute. Despite the smaller size, its performance is a lot more than satisfactory.

In terms of the features, it has an Ip68 watertight, brushless motor. So you have the best performance during the year in any season.

In terms of the warranty, it includes 15 years of guarantee so you can be at ease. Simply install the port and voila, no replacement is necessary now and then.

This set has one ventilation fan that would suffice any ordinary attic. The roof port supports 20 watts of power, and 1750 CFM so that the room warms in no time.


  • Watertight
  • compact layout
  • efficient


  • expensive


The iLiving ventilation exhaust fan is one of the most popular fans online. This smart solar attic fan is the best option for cooling your house while helping you save big on your cooling bills. 

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Broan 355BK

Year around ventilating of your loft reduces harmful moisture from the winter and reduces the warmth of your house in the summer. Maintaining your attic dry and cool can prolong the life of your roof, by preventing rust, premature aging, and damaging shingle distortion that could result from excessive heat. A cool loft in summer also saves you money on your energy bill and extends the life span of your air conditioner.

This one is another product on the list of solar roof vents packed with quality attributes. In actuality, Broan has always provided users with dependable products.

It supports a net bird display, so the odds of these incidents are minimal. You can be at ease about the safety of the product in addition to its functionalities.

The entire kit comes along with an installation template included inside.

Additionally, the design includes 1400 CFM and distance up to 1000 sq. ft.

Moving forward the manufacturing entails a 23-gage galvanized steel ribbed. The end result is strength level improved manifold for efficacy and lasting use.

Its steel blades size to 14″ in diameter to suck all the new, cool air. Thus the 2-way air movement never comes to a stop, keeping the home cooler.


  • Contains setup template
  • Lubricated motor
  • Thermal protection


  • Somewhat noisy


Aside from that this item guarantees thermal protection, permanent lubrication to the engine. So you’re protected from having to scatter it now and then. This attic fan works like magic and brings all of the hot air in no time resulting in lost temp.

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It’s easily installed on pitched fiberglass-asphalt shingle roofs and is a excellent product for proper attic ventilation. It gives proper venting cools your roof and extending the material life also reduces the load on your ac system, will reduce your heating costs dramatically.

If you’re also in desperate need of a solar roof vent then look no more. We’ve got just the right product for you even when you’ve got a tight budget. The list of features that it offers are really surprising in contrast to such a minimal price.

This port is completely automatic in regards to operation and operates on solar power only. So you can find a cooler attic, dropped temp throughout the home. Along with the brownie point is cut in power bills.

It has a rechargeable lithium battery that’s built-in. So you can use it in your own garage, greenhouse, RV, and even a boat.

As soon the sun strikes the panels, it gets functioning and the fan turns on.

What’s more, it includes self-tapping screws, pre-drilled mounting holes which makes the installation easier. There’s absolutely not any need for additional wiring or any extra work to be performed.

Due to the stainless steel used in manufacturing this port can last longer. This aspect makes it durable together with anti-rustic property.


  • On/off switch
  • Spare fan blade
  • Adjustable 
  • Cheap solar fan
  • Efficient in low light condition
  • With built-in rechargeable battery, provides you with constant operation all-day.
  • Cost-saving, operate ​entirely on Solar Power and requires no power
  • Protect your home and family health
  • Easy installation


  • Too little


If you’re looking for a simple way to ventilate your ship, shed, greenhouse or caravan, this is just one perfect selection for you! Working great at night, simpler to install and it’s cheaper in comparison to others.

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Natural Light

Natural Light is pretty much the best producer in the organization. Their products are produced with the highest-quality materials, get rave solar attic fan reviews, and are reasonably priced for just about anybody.

Here is another item that will blow your head from a dependable band. Natural Light is actually a famous name in regards to ventilating fans. They’ve served the users will high-grade products for quite a long time.

It includes a steady 36-watt capacity to push out all of the air trapped indoors. Subsequently the capacity offered is up to 1628 CFM for a loft of 2625 sq. feet area.

Thus the durability is very reliable and it may face harsh climatic conditions.

Made with commercial-grade material in regards with around 25 years of guarantee.


  • Aluminum fan
  • Powder coating finish
  • Cheap 


  • Not lasting


Natural Light is famous for producing the highest-quality gear. It is simple to install this fan and do not need to know all of the tricks and hints of conducting wiring like with a few other choices.

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The GBS solar attic fan lives up to the anticipation of the users. It’s a polycrystalline solar panel that’s adjustable. The best thing about this solar panel is that the sound is less than 45db. You receive an exclusive 20-year guarantee on the solar panel and 10-year guarantee on the motor.When you go for GBS solar attic fan, then you won’t have to think about the overheating of the engine also. When the temperature reaches about 77-degree Fahrenheit, then the engine will begin to work straight away. Additionally, the motor has a car shut-off function as well when the temperature reaches 65-degree Fahrenheit.

 It cools your house using sun for a power source throughout the day, yet continues to operate at night with regular AC power. On a cloudy day, this high quality fan will operate as needed using as much solar energy as the panel receives, and supplement it with frequent electricity from a wall socket to guarantee continued efficient functioning. Since the function is controlled by a thermostat, it saves money by not operating as much when the weather is cool and sun is not available to offer power.

The solar panel generates 20 watts of electricity. It’s adjustable vertically and horizontally, allowing for wall or roof setup in line with the orientation and design of your property. When it’s generating 14 or more volts of electricity, the fan runs directly off solar energy, when at zero volts the fan automatically switches into complete household AC power. After the panel is generating power but less than 14 volts, the system automatically regulates how much household ability to draw to make the fan run efficiently.


  • Offers ultimate control and effective use
  • Uses sunlight during the day and AC power during the night to continue cooling
  • This GBS fan is available with a mounting and setup manual.


  • Can be difficult to install and frequently requires an expert electrician
  • Screwing the bottom plate is tough because the upper plate hinders the screwing process.


When you’ve made your mind up to purchase the GBS solar vent, then you’ll contend with the results. This fan is durable and will stand the test of the moment. Installation is also quite and easy, and you won’t need extra wiring so do it.

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Rand Solar

This is a wonderful attic fan from the renowned manufacturer, which will lower your cooling cost entirely. It’s totally powered by the sun so that you can save your electricity price. It includes a flexible solar panel design which provides more advantage than other aggressive fans.

The powerful fan blades push to place all the hot air very quickly. Thus the inner temp starts decreasing and the AC has to work . This feature is an important plus point in terms of cutting down electricity expenses.

Aside from that it within an area of 700 sq. feet with its 435 CFM capacity. For those who have a bigger attic space, it’s possible to rather buy 2-3 such lovers.

All you will need to do is mount the device since it’s self-contained. Then the flexible aspect makes it much easier to install the vent as demands.


  • Adjustable solar panel.
  • It features a compact design
  • Effortless to install. There’s absolutely not any need to fight the wires.
  • It includes the thermostat.
  • Simple installation
  • Brushless motor
  • Adequate size 


  • Might leak


This is a top-notch solar roof port that works like magic. Provided that the sunrays hit the panels, your home will stay cool as a cucumber.

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Remington Solar

This small but powerful 30-watt model can lower your indoor temperature from almost 100 levels to roughly 80 without needing to turn on the air conditioner. Like other Remington Solar Builder Series units, it features an adaptor so your fan can operate off of your home’s electricity. Then, you’ll find the identical durable body provided by other Remington Solar versions, a must-have feature if you live in a place that sees a whole lot of rain or hail.While the fan is good in cooling your attic, it will not pull the cool air from other areas of your house, which can be particularly problematic in medium or small spaces.The only downside we can see with this particular one is that it takes most people over an hour to set up, but it is a small price to pay for a really incredible solar fan.

Here’s a gorgeous product from Remington that will surely be your new favorite. Hence the brand came forth with a new collection of solar roof vents.If you would like to save your energy intake but also get a cooler environment. Then nothing can beat this roof port loaded with all the best attributes.The smooth airflow through the fan blades does the job in minimum length. Not just it lessens the burden in the AC but also the furnace and HVAC.All of your concerns about mold and mildew will now ward off using this port. It ensures a clean, safe air within the attic which keeps the home also clean.

Employing this 30 watt solar attic fan from Remington will permit you to properly ventilate around 2,500 square feet. A Solar attic fan is a wonderful way to ventilate the atmosphere from your attic, not raise your electrical bill.Attic venting is an significant part keeping your property. Not only does this decrease the temperature in your loft that may harm your insulating material or things stored in your loft but a solar attic fan can also be able to eliminate harmful inducing moisture from your loft. A solar attic fan can also be in the winter also to decrease the danger of ice-damming.An excellent quality of a Remington solar attic fan is the guarantee lifetime! This solar attic fan can also be Texas Windstorm Certified.This solar attic fan comprises a humidistat and toaster. With many other solar attic fans, these are extra accessories which you pay more cash for. The humidistat works above 50% relative humidity, chiefly for northern climates. The thermostat works in temperatures greater than 80 levels and switches automatically below 80 levels.


  • Noiseless
  • brushless motor
  • DC engine  


  • noisy at night


The Remington Solar Solar Attic Fan is a simple and environmentally sensible solution that could help you save money. Powered completely by free solar energy, this sleek and efficient vent is both compact and quiet. Fully operational right from the box, it installs easily, with no electrical wiring, no expensive electrician and city licenses. Put it wherever you need improved circulation like attics, lofts, workshops, storage sheds, garages, even barns.

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Solar Attic Fan

Natural Light brand solar attic fans are installed on a roof. And are highly rated by programmers. The Solar panel is flexible, and the Fan can mount 3/12 to 12/12 pitch roofs. However, it’s not acceptable for flat roofs or side wall mounting. The enthusiast can exhaust around 1628 cubic feet per minute, and you will need 1 attic fan for 2625 square feet.

Made from stainless steel, aluminum, and glass, the Natural Light Solar Attic Fan 36-watt is designed to last. Having a 25-year limited warranty, you can depend on Natural Light’s Solar Attic Fan to provide effective ventilation for many years to come.

This unit moves air at around 1628 cubic feet per minute under direct sunlight and the manufacturer recommends using one ventilation unit for each 2625 square feet of loft space. For many family houses, a single 36-watt attic fan provides enough ventilation to satisfactorily maintain the temperature of the attic area.

Once installed, the pure Light version relies entirely on solar energy, so there is no running costs or tricky wiring to worry about. Measuring 27.2 x 27.2 x 11.5 inches, the attic fan includes everything required for installation, although optional extras are available for tiled roofs. In addition to lying flat, the solar panel can be adjusted up to a 45-degree angle, which lets you capture maximum power.

Even though the Natural Light Solar Attic Fan provides great ventilation and is high quality, it will come at a relatively higher price. Available for about $457, the Natural Light Solar Attic Fan does not come cheap. However, the huge majority of users find that it will drastically reduce attic temperatures and even has a noticeable effect on other regions of the property.

Suitable for pitched Fiberglass-Asphalt Shingle roofs, this version may be used on 3/12 to 12/12 but is not suitable for flat roofs or wall mounting. Whilst optional flame safety switches and snap-on thermostats are available, these have to be purchased individually, which might put off some customers. With a 25-year guarantee and stellar customer testimonials, however, the Natural Light Solar Attic Fan could be among the best on the market.


  • Long lasting
  • Made in the United States
  • Easily installment
  • No wiring required
  • Industry Top 25-year limited warranty on the whole device 


  • No battery charging for nighttime performance of the fan
  • Optional thermostats and fire safety buttons for this version are sold individually


You can not go wrong with a solar attic fan such as this one in case you would like a hassle-free experience. The fan operates continuously on its own as long as there is sunlight. Easy-to-install and installation, it will not get much better than this.

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Price History

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Price history for Solar Attic Fan 48-watt - Black - with 25-year Warranty - Florida Rated by Natural Light
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  • $519.70 - February 17, 2021
  • $487.70 - February 12, 2021
Since: February 12, 2021
  • Highest Price: $519.70 - February 17, 2021
  • Lowest Price: $487.70 - February 12, 2021

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