Can You Run Pool Pump With Solar Cover On?

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can you run pool pump with solar cover on

Can you run pool pump with solar cover on? The answer is yes!It is perfectly safe to run the pool pump while the solar cover is on the pool. The solar cover does not interfere with the water circulation of the pump at all and does not get sucked into the skimmer. By running the pump with the solar cover on, you can save time and money on pool maintenance.

Solar Pool Covers also keep debris and dirt out of the pool. The solar cover helps to eliminate debris and algae spores getting into the water. This effectively keeps your pool cleaner for longer and reduces the amount of maintenance needed.

With the pool pump running, the warmer water under the solar cover will be able to mix with the colder water at the bottom of the pool, thus creating an even water temperature throughout the pool. Let’s explain why can you run pool pump with solar cover on through the article.


What Is A Solar Pool Pump?

This pump is the heart of the swimming pool. The pump comes with a motor, impeller, lint, and hair trap. The electrical motor can be run in 110/220 V and rotates at 3450 RPM. You can connect this motor’s shaft to the impeller’s end. Through the lint and hair trap, the water gets in and comes out through the filter.

If you don’t move the water frequently, the pool turns into the motionless swamp with debris, algae, and other dirty stuff. So you need to use the pool pump to keep the pool circulation active and run the filtration system.

Whether your pool is big or small, you have to use the pool pump to have clean water. For that, you have to pick the right pool pump.


Can you run pool pump with solar cover on

The Ultimate Benefits Of Solar-Powered Pool Pump

You can go to the solar-powered pool pump to get the best results. You will enjoy the benefits given below when you use the solar pool pump for your pool:

Energy cost is zero
The first reason to use the solar pool pump is that you don’t have to think about extra energy costs. Even a power cut happens, the pump runs smoothly.

Runs all day long
With sufficient sunlight, the solar pump runs all day long and stop when the sunlight energy gets used.

Long time filtration:
The solar pump filtration system works longer than the normal pool pump, and you will need less chlorine use in the water. Because constant water move prevents the virus and bacteria development.

Can You Run Pool Pump With Solar Cover On?

The solar cover is used for warming the pool water, preventing the debris development, and lessens the water evaporation.

There is no problem while you are running the pump with the solar cover on. On the other hand, the water part covered with the solar cover stays warmer than the other parts of the water.

With the water pump running, the solar cover helps in mixing the warm and cold water. So if anyone asks, should I leave solar pool cover on? You will say, of course, you can!

How Long Can You Run Pool Heater With Solar Cover On

It is important to know how long you can your pool pump with the solar cover on. You need to run the pump for the time it needs to filter the water at once. Maximum pool pumps take 8 hours to filter the water in one day.

To know the run time of the pump, you have to know:
Flow rate
You have to know your swimming pool pump’s flow rate, and you will get in the specification label. The rate will come in GPM, which means gallons per minute.

Water volume
To find out the water volume of the odd or oval shape pool is quite tricky. To figure out the Square shaped pool water depth is easy as you have to multiply the width and length and then the depth. You will find a figure in cubic feet, multiply it with 7.5 to find the GPM.

Running the Pump at Night

In a perfect world, you would be able to run your pump 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This would be a great situation and your pool would always be clean. However, most people wouldn’t be able to afford the electric bill that would rack up.

By running the pump at night, you can clean out any debris that has built up during the day. With the solar cover on, you can be sure no dirt, leaves, or even frogs are getting in. This is a great way to retain heat while the water is being cleaned.

One downside of running the pump at night is that the water is then not getting cleaned during the day. If you only run the pump overnight, dirt and debris could build-up while the pool is at peak use. This is a problem during the summer months when everyone is swimming a lot.

Running the Pump During the Day

The advantage of running the pump during the day is that it is being cleaned while it is at peak use. This will ensure that dirt and debris doesn’t build up in the pool while it’s being used. This could be a good option for pools that see a lot of use.

The downside of running the pump during the day is that it is often more expensive. Peak power hours are generally in the afternoon. This means that your daytime pool cleaning will cost more than running the pump overnight when electricity is cheaper.

When You Can You Run Pool Pump With Solar Cover On

First, you have to know when you need the pump to run for a long time. If you are new in this situation, then mark out the times given below:

When you have applied chemicals in your pool, then you have to run the pump for 24 hours to filter out the chemicals. You can put back the solar cover after shocking the pool but ensure the chemicals are gone from the water.

If your pool is cloudy, then keep the pump running for 24 hours to clear the water.

When you have family friends in the house, and the pol is getting used repeatedly, then use the pump.

You can keep the pump running to keep the water warm and avoid the pipework freezing in the wintertime.

When Should I Run My Pool Pump Day Or Night?

In the night time, the cost of the electricity gets less than the day. So if you run the pump at night, your utility bill will come less.

There are more factors like:

The algae need sunlight to grow in the water, so day time is vulnerable to the swimming pool. So at night time, you can run the pump to decrease the algae attack.

During the day time, the pool is mostly used. So you have to run the pool pump o clean the water without disturbing the water.

If the pump is noisy, then you have to run it during the day.

For the solar pump, you have to run it in the daytime as it runs through solar power.

When Can You Run Pool Heater With Solar Cover On

The pool heater is required when it is wintertime. During wintertime, the temperature gets low, and sometimes the water tends to freeze most of the time. So you have to winterize the pool by running the pool heater.  By running the pump, you are preventing the water from freezing.

With a variable speed pump, the heating water process in winter gets easy. Don’t lower the water level when you have a pump to run. It will damage the pump for good.

Which is better: pool cover on or off during the day?

Here is when the pool owners get confused. Let me clear the confusion once and for all.

You use the blue solar cover on the pool at night to keep the water clean. There is some automatic pool cover you can use. They can be operated automatically, press the button – you can open and close the cover.

In the summertime, usually, the sunlight warms up the pool water. If you keep the cover on the water, then you will see that the water above is warm, but the bottom water stays cold. When you keep the cover off, the whole pool will get warm.

So when the cover is off, the sunlight will warm the water, and you will not need to run your pump. Then use the solar blanket at night to prevent water evaporation.


FAQ: Q1. Can I put chemicals in my pool with the solar cover on? Ans:  Yes, as you will need enough space to pour the chemicals. After using the chemicals, you can put back the cover on. Q2. How long can solar cover stay in the pool? Ans:  The solar cover converts the sunlight into usable temperature. This heat can warm the pool in 12 hours. Q3. How well do solar covers work on pools? Ans:  If you compare a covered pool and open pool that gets sunlight at least for 6 hours, the covered pool will win. The solar cover reduces water evaporation and heat loss more than the open pool. Q4. Are pool solar covers worth it? Ans: Yes, this cover prevents evaporation, mostly like 95%, and saves money bu, reducing the utility bill of using an electrical pool heater. Q5. Do solar pool covers go bubbles up or down? Ans: The bubbles will also go down because the cover traps the heat and transfers the water’s warmth through the bubble.


So, confusion about can you run pool pump with solar cover on  is cleared by now. There is no connection between the solar cover and the pool pump. By using both of them at the same time, you can be sure that there are no harmful bacteria or debris floating around. You can rest easy knowing that it is perfectly safe and even encouraged.

You can even swim when the pump runs as it is working on letting out the dirty water from the pool.

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