DIY Solar Oven – How To Build a Solar Oven

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Are you tired of using the old and traditional ways of cooking food that consumed lots of energy and your hard-earned money? Have you ever heard of a solar oven? Well, if you want to know more about it, then you just should stick to this article because we will tell you more interesting things about it and will make you eager to have one!

A solar oven is an innovation in the field of cooking, energy conservation, and pollution-free environment plans. They are employed to utilize the radiation coming from the sun by converting them into heat energy to cook food. These actually operate the greenhouse effect to cook food. There are many companies that are providing these gadgets because a few have earned a name and reputation so far. The reason for it being the best is that it is budget-friendly and offers the best solar ovens.

Advantages of DIY solar ovens

The solar ovens are incredibly useful for the world nowadays because much of our precious fuel has been wasted in the years of negligence. People kept burning wood along with kerosene oil and wasting electricity and gas for cooking and heating purposes. 

The world resources are depleting day by day and if this matter is left unchecked our next generations will never know what these resources were. Innovations like solar ovens are very helpful in saving these resources. Different solar gadgets provide different windfalls but all of them are more or less the same. Some most highlighted privileges are mentioned below:

  • Solar energy can prove to be a good alternative to the other depleting resources by use of these ovens.
  • They produce no smoke or pollution so are environment-friendly.  
  • Nutrients don’t get wasted when the food is cooked in them.
  • They are economical with zero fuel cost and offer only once paid service.
  • They use effective methods and hazard free ways of cooking. 

DIY solar oven is the best idea for an oven because it costs less and modern styles. They are awfully unique and are easy to use and comprehend so even a layman can utilize them without any technical guidance.

Building a solar oven

The method of manufacturing solar ovens is more or less the same but you may add unique things to make them more useful. Here are the general methods of making these kind of ovens.

  • To make a simple oven, first a box is taken and its 3 sides are cut in straight lines leaving one side intact. Let it be the lid to stand up.
  • The inside of the box along with the lid is covered with aluminum foil. Sometimes, tapes are used to fix the foil. 
  • A black surface like cardboard or a black paper is spread inside the box on its base.
  • As the box opens from the top due to the standing lid so it is covered with something that is transparent this can be a glass or some sheet. Food is packed beneath this transparent surface and over the black surface of the box.

Mentioned above is the most convenient way of building a solar oven on your own.

How does a solar oven work?

DIY solar ovens mostly use a simple way of working. The flat shiny surfaces used in their manufacture are used to collect a maximum of the light rays and direct them to the inside of the box where food is placed. 

The reflective panels or the shiny surfaces actually gather the sunshine and concentrate on the food. This creates a greenhouse effect and the insulation surfaces do not let the heat go out of the box. The heat keeps on gathering and food is thus cooked.

Solar ovens versus traditional stoves

DIY Solar ovens can cook everything from meat to grains with great ease. They have zero energy costs. Neither electricity nor gas is required to operate them and the fuel wastage is also zero. In addition, due to sun radiated ovens, people living in villages don’t need to collect wood for making food.

It is often seen that women suffer from a number of problems while cooking food. They most often encounter health hazards such as burning eyes and choking lungs. These are the most frequently seen difficulties because of small particles present in a wood fire can get into the lungs of a person and can cause respiratory disorders like asthma. These particles can also go into the eyes of a person and cause eye irritation. Besides health issues depletion of fossil fuels is tested another issue bound to the use of the traditional stoves.

DIY Solar Ovens can save water:

World is facing the problem of water shortage and it is said that water crises are just going to rule the earth and its people in the near future. Whereas some places in the world are facing this problem even now. Solar ovens may prove to be a blessing in this regard also. 

Yes! DIY solar ovens are being employed in the world to purify water and make it compatible for drinking purposes. It was found in research that if the water is heated at 149 Fahrenheit it becomes clean and drinkable. But the problem is that to boil it to this extent we need a large amount of heat energy that would be available if we burn a lot of fossil fuels and other resources. 

DIY solar ovens can serve this purpose as what you just need to have is an oven and the rest of the work will be done by the sunlight and rays coming from the giant star that you call the sun. This method is perfectly applicable as some people are utilizing it. It is environment-friendly and pollution-free.

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