DIY solar water heater – How to make a solar water heater at home

Solar Water Heaters are used to convert sunlight into heat for heating and there are various methods of making your solar water heater. Many people living in rural areas can also follow the method presented in this content. They do not need to buy expensive solar heaters. Instead, they can make a DIY solar water heater at home.

Furthermore, those who want a durable solar water heater for warming the cold water of their swimming pools in winters can also choose the option of DIY solar water heaters. These solar water heaters can also be used in offices, workshops and many alike places.

Things to know before making a DIY solar water heater 

Firstly, find an angle fit for every season. So that the DIY solar water heater should face the sun. Next, it is preferential to affix the panel on a roof or terrace. After that, make sure that you have all the materials and tools available for making a DIY solar water heater. Then, it is mandatory to use quality stuff in your solar water heater. Lastly, the water of the solar water heater is not drinkable. 

Tools and Materials required to make a solar heater panel

Tools needed for a normal solar water heater are as follow: 

  1. Table Saw
  2. Hand Saw
  3. Drill press
  4. Power drill
  5. 3/4″ drill bit
  6. hole saw
  7. Exacto knife
  8. Tape measure
  9. Screwdriver
  10. Digital thermometer
  11. Caulking gun for adhesive
  12. Coarse round file

Materials may vary but mostly those are as follows:

  1. a sheet of Coroplast plastic sheet 
  2. ABS tubing 
  3. ABS caps 
  4. Threaded 1/2″ hose nipples 
  5. A cartridge of silicone adhesive/sealant suitable for plastic 
  6. Can of flat black spray paint 
  7. Sheet of plywood 
  8. Sheet of polystyrene 
  9. Transparent plastic sheet
  10.  misc screws and staples 
  11. Cooler (or other water tanks, preferably insulated) 
  12. Garden hose 
  13. Hose clamps 

Tools and Materials needed to build a DIY solar water heater

Make sure that you have the followings available before you start: 

  1. A solar panel aluminum frame 
  2. High Quality PVC Pipe 
  3. Glue 
  4. Pipe jointer
  5. Tape 
  6. Cello Tape 
  7. Black color spray 
  8. A glass (Size should be equal to that of your board) 
  9. Water input pipe 
  10. A drilling machine 
  11. A cooler or a tank.
Steps to make a DIY Solar Water Heater

We are good to go now. Let’s start: 

Step 1: Take a solar panel aluminum frame. Even a destroyed solar panel can also be used for this purpose. It will only need to be cleaned and the other attached stuff must be scratched from it well. It must be a clean solar panel without any other materials attached to it on its back. Because the back of a solar panel is required for making a solar water heater at home. 

Step 2: Measure the frame and draw a straight horizontal line in the right middle of it. 

Step 3: Make 4-inch circles in the middle of both the sections of the frame. The Measurement needs to be accurate. 

Step 4: Take a high-quality PVC pipe and divide it into two, one for each section of the frame. 

Step 5: Agglutinate the pipe on the frame with glue in a circular shape. Revise the same for the second section. 

Step 6: Join both the pipes with pipe jointer and tighten with cello tape, so that no leakage of water should be made sure. 

Step 7: For water input affix a water input pipe in any corner of the frame by using a drill machine to make a sufficient hole for it.  

Step 8: Spray it black, so that it should absorb maximum sunlight. 

Step 9: Test the water flow. 

Step 10: Agglutinate the glass on the frame with glue and leave it for twelve hours. 

Step 11: Connect the water input pipe. Place the frame on a temporary place where it should be in direct contact with the sunlight. 

Step 12: Check the water temperature at the water output pipe after a while. 

Step 13: Now your solar water heater is made. You can place your solar water heater where it must be in contact with the sunlight throughout the day. 

Step 14: Enjoy hot baths in harsh winters. Solar Water heaters can also warm your swimming pools in winters.  

Uses of solar water heater

A DIY solar water heater or any other solar water heater has the following uses:

  • It is used to warm water for washroom use. 
  • It can be installed in offices for the same purpose. 
  • It is also usable in saloons. 
  • It can be used in worship places where people make ablution. 
  • It can also be used at many car service stations.
  • It can be used at auto service stations.
  • Many tourist places are extremely cold in winters and solar water heaters can facilitate the tourists and as well as those who live there with warm water.
  • It is used in areas where gas is not available. 
  • It is used for a quick water heating process.
  • It can be used in electrochemical procedures. 
  • It is used in electrochemical water splitting. 
  • It can also be used in separating the salt away from the seawater.
  • There can also be other minor uses of it. 
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