Goal Zero Nomad 7 Review

Deal Score+67
Deal Score+67
Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel
$58.99 $79.99
8.7 Total Score
Goal Zero Nomad 20 Review

The Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel is a simple but efficient device that can be used to increase the charge times of your other Goal Zero products. They are able to generate faster charge times and are easy to fold and carry which makes them perfect for people who live on the go lifestyles. They’re one of the top supplemental solar chargers on the market and come highly recommended.

  • With a current of 2.0A, you can charge your tablet too.
  • You can use the panel to charge USB and 12V devices.
  • The panel is easy to take with you thanks to its lightweight and compact design.
  • This solar panel doesn't have storage capacity, so you can only use it in direct sunlight.
  • The panel doesn't have enough power to recharge laptops.

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