Renewable Energy- all you need to know

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Renewable energy is basically that energy which is produced using the renewable resources which are never going to end in the future. For example, sunlight, water, wind, rain etc. These resources can be replenished again and again over the time and they are never going to exhaust unlike the non-renewable resources that are very limited in numbers and will soon be exhausted in near future. Producing energy from renewable resources is eco-friendly and it has several benefits for both the environment and on health of the citizens which are really very convincing for all. Renewable energy is often regarded as Clean Energy that comes from natural resources without creating any pollution in the environment. These innovative and eco-friendly ways of producing renewable energy to meet the requirements of electricity consumption is really a blessing for our planet. As we all know, the Global Warming index is continuously increasing day by day which is the main concern for everyone single human being living on this planet. Due to excess burning of fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources of energy, the temperature of earth is rising gradually which is responsible for disastrous climatic changes. That’s why it is really very important that we must adopt all the renewable resources of energy in order to meet our electricity requirements. 

Types of Renewable Energy Sources available

There are many types of Renewable sources of energy available for us. A detailed description of each and every source is mentioned below:

  1. Solar Energy: Solar energy is probably the most widely adopted type of renewable energy source on this planet. Sun rays that are emitted by Sun contains a lot of energy in it that can be used to generate power for thousands of homes. For this purpose, Solar Panels are available in the market that captures the sunlight in them and convert the energy into power for later use. The biggest advantage of using Solar Panels apart from its cost-effectiveness is that it doesn’t emit any particulates or Greenhouse gas into the environment. However, it has a few impacts on the environment while manufacturing it in the industries. 
  2. Wind energy: Wind energy is the cheapest source of renewable energy in which a turbine which is as long as a skyscraper is used. Basically, the wind energy will turn the turbine’s blade and the electric generator which is connected to it will generate electricity. 
  3. Hydroelectric Power: Hydroelectric Power is the biggest source of renewable energy in the United States. Under this method, the water stored in the dams are used to produce power which is then converted to electricity. Large Hydroelectric plants are installed on the main gates of Mega dams. However, this method of getting renewable energy is having its own drawbacks. For example, if the water is restricted by Mega dams, then all the further ecosystems will get destroyed which will affect the environment. That’s why proper management is required to get Hydroelectric Power without causing any environmental damage. 
  4. Biomass Energy: Generating power and energy using the waste produced in the homes is surely the best possible way of utilizing it. Biomass is basically an organic material that comes from animal waste, waste food and remains of crops. All this waste is put into a Biomass plant in which Biogas is produced under high pressure to get the power. The main drawback of producing energy from a Biomass plant is that it emits carbon particulates into the environment that is not acceptable. That’s why proper Biomass plants should be designed to ensure that the minimum number of carbon particulates will enter into the environment with the highest energy produced. 

Why choose Renewable energy over Non-renewable energy?

Renewable energy is also termed as clean energy. This simply means that renewable energy is easy to produce and there are no side-effects or environmental hazards. Moreover, purchasing non-renewable resources from other countries might cost Millions of Dollars every year to meet the energy demands. So, getting switched to renewable energy will also make sure that there will be no extra load on the country’s treasure which will boost the economic growth upto a much higher extent.

Air pollution and water pollution will get reduced gradually and the citizens will live freely and happily without any respiratory problems in their whole lifetime. In today’s scenario, air pollution is the biggest problem in both India and China. Whereas, in the United States, the air pollution index is way too low and the average life expectancy of an American is higher than India and China. That’s why choosing renewable energy over non-renewable energy will only offer you benefits like cost-effectiveness, lesser pollution levels and clean environment.

Renewable energy and the Planet’s Future

There is no doubt that the future of this planet is all dependable on Renewable sources of energy. Non-renewable resources are depleting at a very high rate and they will soon get exhausted if they continue to deplete at the current rate. The majority of the Power companies are trying to manufacture cost-effective Solar panels so that it may become affordable for everyone to use renewable sources of energy at their personal level. 

How an individual can contribute towards saving planet?

Everyone must contribute towards this mission to save our planet’s health. The Atlantic ocean is the biggest victim of rising global warming where the ice is continuously melting and the habitat is going to other places for their survival. As a responsible human being on this planet, we must think about it and try to improve ourselves to make this earth a better place to live. Clean energy or renewable energy is the only way to save our planet from the disaster of Global Warming. Governments of different countries must sit on a table together and think how they can produce maximum energy using renewable resources of energy. We are seeking a huge participation by millions of people over this topic. But the main concern is that everyone must get aware now so that we can save our lives well within time.

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