Solar Energy Explained

The main benefits of solar energy:
Independence in the production of electricity, dependence on sources of perishable fuel and in the countries producing them, such as dependence on the increase in fuel prices.
Producing clean energy that does not harm the environment.
Especially with regard to photovoltaic technology, the possibility of installation on roofs, thereby saving land resources.
Solar energy is not as expendable as energy sources based on fuel.
A good fit for the electricity demand curve.
A solar thermal station can also include backup with other fuels, and no additional backup power station is needed for example, such as wind turbines.
There is no significant reduction in the station’s performance over the years (as opposed to photovoltaic stations).
The main drawbacks of solar energy today are:
A high initial investment expressed in a high cost per kilowatt compared to conventional power plants.
Irregular energy production in cloudy days and at night in power stations without storage or additional energy source.
The perception of a relatively large area of conventional electricity production in coal, liquid fuel or gas.

Dozens of research bodies around the world are trying to improve their efficiency and reduce the price of photovoltaic cells. In 2007, for example, $ 500 million in research and development was invested only in public investment. The investment is increasing every year and commercial bodies are also involved. Despite the extensive research and massive investment, and despite predictions, in practice, no breakthrough has yet been achieved in photovoltaic cell efficiency. For practical purposes, it is customary to calculate up to 10% efficiency. It should also be taken into account that there are theoretical barriers to the efficiency of producing electricity from solar energy: 22% for photovoltaic cells and 40% for thermal systems

How Do Solar Panels Works?

solar panels generate solar energy through the use of SPA photovoltaic cells. SPA photovoltaic cells convert photons from the sun’s light into solar electricity. In solar California and Nevada, where 90% of United States solar energy is generated, one sees the black and dark blue SPA solar panels that are synonymous with solar energy power. The SPA solar panel cells that generate electricity to run equipment like calculators, pump jacks in the oil fields and the large satellites in outer space are photovoltaic cells, also known as solar modules, which are a group of photovoltaic cells electrically connected and packed into one frame known as an SPA solar panel.

SPA solar panel photovoltaic cells are made of solar conductive materials known as semiconductors. SPA solar panels use semiconductors made of silicon. When light strikes the SPA solar panel cell, a portion of the SPA solar cell absorbs and converts the light’s energy into electricity using the silicon-based semiconductor material. The SPA solar energy from the absorbed solar light is stored by the semiconductor cells. The SPA solar energy knocks the solar electrons lose the sunlight, allowing the electrons to flow freely. SPA photovoltaic solar cells have two or more solar electric fields that allow the freed electrons that were absorbed by the cell to flow in a systematic formulated direction. This sunlight electron flow i¬s an electrical current, and by placing SPA metal contacts on the top and bottom of the SPA photovoltaic cells, the solar panel’s electricity is drawn off the solar cell and directed to the electrical current delivery system of the Solar Panel America equipment.

solar Sunshine Criteria

The SPA Solar Sunshine Criteria is a proprietary list of critical statistical derivative information comprised of the most important criteria for determining the full economic viability of installing a solar energy system using SPA solar panels. On the SPA Solar Sunshine Criteria scale where 100 is the highest optimum solar energy system value and 1 is the lowest, the following cities are listed for your evaluation.

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