Solar Powered Security Camera Buyer’s Guide: Top 8 Things You Need to Know

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solar powered security camera can be a great way to keep your property safe and away from potential dangers. They don’t require electric cablings or sources so installing them should be fast and as easy as a piece of cake. In addition, you can install these cameras anywhere you wish, and this is one of the best advantages it has to offer. 

What’s amazing is that they can still work well even in foggy or rainy days with little to no complication. If you want to maximize the safety of your home or office without spending too much money, consider investing in a solar-powered security camera. Below we have compiled 8 things you should know about buying these solar security cameras. Let’s dive right in. 

How much electricity it can provide 

When it comes to choosing a solar powered security camera, it is very important to know how much electricity can the solar panel for cameras to produce to maximize efficiency. You can easily boost your camera’s efficiency by simply placing the solar panel towards the in the southern and northern hemisphere. You will be able to get the most out of the natural resources by placing your cameras in the right direction. 

Battery size 

Most solar security cameras come with rechargeable batteries as they can help power up your cameras temporarily in case the sunlight is low or not available at all. To make sure that your cameras will have enough power, you should choose batteries with 10 times the capacity of its max output of your camera’s solar panel. 

Memory storage 

You want to look for cameras that use SD card as a way to store memory. If you are going to use your cameras 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it is crucial to look for solar security cameras with SD card to get more storage. This will allow you to save more videos and access them whenever you need. 

The cost 

Investing in a solar camera can be quite expensive, but they are definitely worth the money. While there are cheap solar powered cameras available in the market today, you want to avoid those, especially if you’re looking for durable and high-resolution solar cameras. Although it can be a little pricey, it is always a lot better to invest in high-quality cameras from trusted brands. 


Your solar cameras don’t really need a WiFi to work. But if you want to receive notifications or watch a live feed of your cameras on your tablet or mobile devices, then an internet connection is a must. A solar powered security camera does not really need to be connected to the internet for it to function. All it needs is an SD card, sunlight, and rechargeable batteries. 


Solar cameras and panels must be weatherproof, especially as these things are exposed to the elements at all times. Fortunately, the majority of high-quality solar panels and cameras are designed to withstand dust, snow, and rain. You want to go for solar security cameras that come with a waterproof feature to make it worth your money.

Easy to install 

Installing a solar camera can be done within just a few hours. Look for cameras that are simple and easy to install. The good news is most solar-powered cameras are very easy and convenient to install. 

Easy to move 

Some solar cameras are bulky, while others are small and easy to move. If you’re going to move your cameras in different places, it’s best to go for portable solar security cameras to make the process much easier and faster.

Well, that’s all about it! Buying the right solar powered security camera will allow you to maximize the safety and security of your property while allows you to save money at the same time. 

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