Sunnytech 3rd Generation Solar Power Flag Pole Review

Our Review - Sunnytech 3rd Generation solar flag pole light

Sunnytech 3rd Generation solar flag pole light is a newly arrived 3rd generation black & white solar powered flagpole light. The black plastic is placed on the panels to create the light seem modern and fashionable.

This solar powered flagpole light is upgraded to a UFO design with enhanced solar panels and batteries. It may be used with most 15-25ft flag poles with a 1/2 inch thick pole at the top. An ornament doesn’t come with this device, but is advised.

In addition, the device is waterproof so you can utilize it to light your flagpole even when it’s raining.

The advanced sensor within this solar light is going to make it a lot easier for you since you don’t need to be concerned about accidentally leaving your lights on all day. The lights will automatically switch off during the day and turn on in the day.

The inner batteries that come with this flagpole light provide solar power to the 20 LED bulbs, letting it light up for up to 17 hours when fully charged.

The batteries have been powered by the 6 solar panels which effectively convert electricity. Even though it provides a softer light than many others, this solar light for flagpole  is really a fantastic product if you want to light up your flag pole for a long period of time. Because when it comes to light duration, the Sunnytech Solar Flag Pole is one of the very best.

Sunnytech 3rd Generation Black Solar Power Flag Pole Light is perfect for those that want to use the solar flag-pole light for traditional uses and want something really bright and powerful.

Pros Vs. Cons


  • Very bright
  • Waterproof
  • Has a high battery capacity
  • Great cosmetic design
  • Upgraded UFO design


  • Only uses 20 LEDs
  • Doesn’t include ornament


  • 1300 Lumens is 5x brighter vs 250 lumens with others
  • 20% More Flag Coverage (60% vs 50%) due to wider circumference of LED’s
  • 4500mA total rechargeable battery capacity (vs 3000mA) for 50% longer life
  • Up to 17 Hours of Power. The duration depends on the amount of absorbed sunlight
  • MIN. Length of Ornament Shaft or Rigged Bold required to go through our light: 1.75″
  • Width of hole to fit through ornament shaft or rigged bolt: 0.5″
  • 6PCS ELEGANT Solar Panels (VS. other’s ugly shape)
  • Material: Eco-friendly Flame retardant ABS Plastic (VS. other’s PE Wasted PLASTIC SCRAP)
  • Easy Installation
  • Durability
  • Brightness
  • Waterproof

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