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Casio AQS810W-1AVCF Men's AQ-S810W-1AV Solar Sport Combination Watch

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Seiko Men's SNE331 Sport Solar Black Stainless Steel Watch with Beige Nylon...

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Seiko Men's SNE039 Stainless Steel Solar Watch

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$98.98 $195.00

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Casio Men's GW-9400-1CR Master of G Stainless Steel Solar Watch

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Casio Men's GW7900B-1 G-Shock Black Solar Sport Watch

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$103.98 $150.00

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Timex Men's TW4B15000 Expedition Ranger Solar Tan/Blue/Orange Accent Leather Strap Watch

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$76.00 $95.00

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Casio Men's G-Shock MTGM900DA-8CR Tough Solar Atomic Stainless Steel Sport Watch

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$89.99 $160.00

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Casio Men's AQS800W-1B2VCF "Slim" Solar Multi-Function Ana-Digi Sport Watch

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Seiko Men's SSC143 Stainless Steel Solar Watch with Link Bracelet

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$189.45 $425.00

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Casio Men's Tough Solar Quartz Watch with Resin Strap, Black, 25 (Model:...

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Casio Men's GW-9400-1CR


This is one of the best outdoor watches on the marker, it you like it reliable, tough and long-lasting. That is what Casio is know for.

This watch is not as fancy as say a Suunto Vertical, which I use quite a lot. But then again, Suunto’s run out of battery after a long hike. This one is solar, so if you keep it in the light, it will run…forever (10 years is the claim from Casio)

And, this baby comes with all the useful features an outdoorsman could need: digital compass, altimeter/barometer, sunset/sunrise, 200m water resistant (ie. scuba ready) and more. And typical Casio protection – aka, almost bullet proof.  Sound like a watch for you? Let’s dive a little deeper…

The Rangeman Features

Let us list out all the features, so you know whether this G Shock has what you are looking for:

  • Solar powered quartz
  • movement (7 month full charge)
  • Digital display with 24 hours optional
  • LED with backlight/afterglow
  • 53 x 17 mm Case
  • Case is mud-proof (sealed to prevent dust & dirt)
  • Low temp (-10C / -14 F) & shock resistant
  • 200m / 660ft water resistance (Dive ready)
  • Triple Sensor: Barometer, Compass, Temperature
  • Sunrise / Sunset based on location
  • Atomic timekeeping (adjusts automatically)
  • 31 Timezones / Worldtime / Auto calendar
  • Stopwatch / Countdown Timer / Hourly Signal
  • 5 Alarms

Ok, so that is pretty much everything this feature-packed watch has.

As  said earlier, it is a great companion for anyone spending time outdoors, overseas or just wants to know more about where they are.

How Tough Is It?
One of the best features of the G Shock watches is how durable they are. Sure, there are alternatives to them, but the team at Casio actually test this watch for shock by dropping it some 10m (33ft).  On top of that, it is also seriously protected by the plastic around the face. So, even if you do drop it, there is little chance of it hitting anything important.

The buttons are also very well designed – large textured steel internally reinforced.  Casio have also sealed the 9400 from mud, dirt and also water, with 200m water resistance (meaning dive ready – at least for dives not too deep). And it has been tested to -14 F too. Although I would not be surprised if it functions no problem way below that.

All in all, this watch is not going to break anytime soon.

g shock 9400 protection
G Shock 9400 – Serious Protection

Triple Sensor Features – Compass, Barometer/Altimeter & Temperature
The core features of this watch are all in the triple sensor that Casio have added. It gives you all the things you need in the outdoors in simple displays that you cycle through via the top right hand button.

The compass shows you the degrees, as well as using the circular display to show heading in the top left.  The barometer gives you pressure, as well as alerting you to changes in case of upcoming storms.

The altimeter provides your current height and also tracks changes (showing a simple chart). The temperature simply displays the ambient temperature around the watch – just be sure to leave the watch aside for a while to get accurate (not influenced by your body) readings.

All of these readings can be stored in the memory for later reference if you need them.

Other Noteworthy Features
One of the other cool features you might find handy when in the outdoors is the sunrise/sunset feature. It is based on your longitude (via a city location choice) and can then be tuned based on your latitude. So, in the end it can be very accurate indeed.

The Rangeman series are also able to connect via radio to Atomic clocks and sync the time to help keep it accurate. It can be set to run at 3am daily, or done manually.

Solar charging is included, which means that the watch picks up any ambient light, even indoors, and charges the watch continuously. Just be aware that if it is close to flat, which does not happen easily, then it is best to charge it by a window or using a solar charger. Light in an office or similar is usually not that bright and might take some time to charge. The watch has a display showing how charged it is too.

In terms of the usual digital watch features the Rangeman also delivers, with a countdown timer, stop watch, hourly reminder and 5 different alarms too.

Colors Options
The Rangeman 9400 comes in three main color choices. There is black with red accents, khaki green with yellow accents, and a camo/black hybrid also with red accents.


We consider this watch to be the best mid-range military watch around. The GW-9400-1CR “Master of G” is well equipped with an array of features that should give you confidence in new environments. It’s also nice to know that the solar-powered battery (if kept charged) will not suddenly go out when you need it most.

Casio AQS810W-1AVCF Men's AQ-S810W-1AV Solar Sport Combination Watch - 4.5 stars



Packed with a resin casing and held in place by a resin band, the Casio Men’s AQ-S810W-1AV Solar Sport Combination Watch doesn’t hold back when it comes to value. In fact, as you can tell from the inclusion of the term ‘solar’ in its name, this Casio timepiece has quite a trick up its sleeve-it is solar powered. Geared toward the active globe trotter and outdoorsman, this Casio watch is designed from the ground up to ensure that you aren’t dependent on batteries to tell the most accurate time possible. Powered by the sun, you are sure to always know the right time. Besides the current time at your location, this Casio product also tracks time in 48 cities the world over. It also supports different languages. So does this Casio model do a good job straddling the typical design and functionality tightrope walked by combination sports watches? It not only successfully walks the tightrope, it does somersaults as well. That’s how well-put-together this timepiece is.

Style: Digital Combination Sport swatch

Housed in a compact resin housing, the AQ-S810W-1AV packs a simple face but don’t let its seeming simplicity fool you. It’s four push features do a wide range of things that can serve you well depending on your situation. One button lights up the watch. Another changes watch modes. Another button lets you do adjustments. Finally, another button provides a search function. All this in a light, water resistant, sporty case that doesn’t start to look boring with time. Plus, this unit is powered by the sun so it can continue to provide all the functions you’ll grow to depend on it for without you having to worry about swapping batteries.

AQ-S810W-1AV Movement Type: Japanese Quartz

If you are wondering why this ‘Swiss army type’ timepiece is offered by Casio at seemingly bargain basement prices, you only need to look at its movement type. This unit is powered by a Japanese quartz battery. This not only drops this timepiece’s price drastically, its quartz movement is also Japanese. This means you get a high level of performance at affordable prices.

Special Features: Day and Date Display and Chronograph

This timepiece not only lets you know the day and date in your location in easy to understand digital form, you also get a powerful chronograph design without the confusing numerals. Everything is digital and this cuts down on your chances of misreading the time or date.


As powerful as the AQ-S810W-1AV may be, you don’t get this impression when you check out its price. It is price very affordably and this might make you wonder if Casio made a mistake in pricing this timepiece. It not only packs a lot of features but it also looks great. Considering the Japanese talent of offering technology-packed products at affordable prices, this timepiece definitely fits into a long history of proven manufacturing performance focused on quality and value.


Casio Men's G-Shock MTGM900DA-8CR Tough Solar Atomic Stainless Steel Sport Watch - 4.5 stars

Few fashion accessories have the pedigree of timepieces. Pants, dresses, shirts, and most other fashion wearables are tossed and forgotten fairly quickly. Hot jean or shirt brands that were all the rage for a few years are all but gone and forgotten soon enough. Indeed, if we’re completely honest, some brands tend to become identified with whatever we find cheesy, annoying, or outright offensive about a particular time in history. Remember Lacoste’s iconic alligator logo? It seemed that every annoying preppie in junior high had a Lacoste shirt. How about True Religion jeans and their high prices and seemingly hypocritical claim as being ‘rebellious’ and anti-establishment? It’s safe to dismiss these and other brands with the particular time frames they were popular in. They seem to add color to times in the past we’d rather forget and move on from. Because these brands were clothing brands, it’s easier to do this. Clothing brands are notoriously easy to bury in the past. Not so with timepiece brands, especially when they come out with products like the Casio Men’s MTGM900DA G-Shock Watch.

Classic staying power

Timepieces seem to buck consumers’ tendency to wear and outgrow fashion. We simply don’t just ‘consume’ watches. We hang on to them. They mean something more than all the cool pre-washed/pre-aged/pre-stressed jeans we have in our closet waiting for a quick sale at a neighborhood garage sale. We tend to reserve a special place in our hearts for our watches. Personally, I credit the Swiss for this preferential treatment for watches.

Since the 1800s, Swiss craftsmen perfected timepieces. Far from just being another product category in the vast array of consumer products and trinkets made possible by a colossal global industrial manufacturing base, consumers have always had a special reverence for timepieces. Watches were the exception. They were in awe of the technical intricacies involved. Watches weren’t things you simply wore a few times and tossed inside a drawer somewhere and forgot about. There’s a certain level of respect there. Much of this is due to the well-crafted image of watches as products of extra attention to detail, which is apparent in the MTGM900DA G-Shock. The image of a Swiss craftsman with his eyepiece lovingly and gingerly putting together the small minute parts of a watch together come to mind. Interestingly enough, this long-held image has no relation to the reality of how watches are made in this day and age.

MTGM900DA distinct definition

For the longest time, the value was defined in the world of timepieces as something emanating from a distinct, almost personal, attention to detail and painstaking labor. Considering how expensive Swiss labor is and considering how huge the market demand for watches are, this old-fashioned view is a fantasy. Watches, just like most other products of our modern consumerist world are mass manufactured. And this is where Casio shines. Casio is able to deliver value because it doesn’t allow itself to be a slave to the well-manicured fantasy that the only good watches are handcrafted watches.

Ever since 1974, Casio has redefined value in timepieces and it shows no signs of slowing down. It is able to deliver high quality, well put together watches that meet high-quality standards at very affordable prices. And it does all this without compromising innovation, quality, attention to detail, and style. In other words, consumers are able to benefit from the latest technology leaps in watch design without having to pay an arm and a leg.

Take the case of the Casio Men’s MTGM900DA G-Shock Watch. This model’s ace in the hole is that its time calibration is synched to a radio transmitter in China. It supports 48 global cities so you can be sure you’ll always be on time. Equipped with a timer and a sensibly practical yet styling stainless steel band, this Casio model may not be the Ferrari of timepieces but it doesn’t have to be. Instead, it delivers solid technology, great quality, and affordability. All in all, it carries forward Casio’s focus on innovation. Innovation has always been Casio’s stock in trade since the beginning and the MTGM900DA proves that Casio hasn’t strayed from its original focus on delivering technology at affordable prices.

If you are looking for a sensible and practical watch that is also easy on the eyes, you might want to snap up this watch. Its radio technology ensures you’ll always be on time all the time. Solid value from a company that brought the world a happy marriage of watch technology innovation, mass manufactured-based affordability, and dependable quality.

Taking a Closer Look

When it comes to digital watches, the Casio brand definitely stands out. After all, Casio, along with other Japanese timepiece powerhouses like Seiko and Citizen have made names for themselves in the very discriminating global watch marketplace by putting forth high-end technology at affordable prices. This is definitely what’s going on with Casio Men’s MTGM900DA G-Shock Watch

Design: Digital watch

Sporting a typical stainless steel sleek look, the MTGM900DA uses the standard utilitarian form of a typical stainless steel watch to pack a lot of technology. It is perfectly understandable to look at the resin face and stainless steel casing of this unit as fairly generic for any type of metal watch. What makes this digital watch truly stand out is its timekeeping and calibration technology, not its form. Keep this in mind when considering this model. It is too easy to brush it off without digging deeper into its technology offering. Put it this way, people considering this watch should put secondary emphasis on its design. Their primary focus should be on the amount technology this watch brings to the table.

Movement Type: Quartz – Digital

Since this watch is a digital watch, it is powered by quartz technology. Considering the fact that this G-Shock model is positioned for accuracy, its movement type should not be its primary selling consideration and value. Still, if you are looking for a low priced watch, you can rest assured you’ll get a good value from the pairing of Japanese technology and quartz movement encased in this Casio timepiece.

Special Features: World time accuracy

This watch’s main value stems from its ability to be always right. That’s right you don’t have to ask around for the time when tuning your watch. It uses satellite signals to pick up the right time regardless of where in the world you are. Now, that’s accuracy! As mentioned above, this watch’s main selling point is not its looks or most other factors you’d normally focus on when considering other types of watches. The name of the game, as far as this Casio model is concerned, is accuracy.

Thanks to its timekeeping technology, people looking for US, UK, Germany, Japan, and China times can be assured of solid calibration. In fact, this watch’s atomic timekeeping technology is so on point that it is able to receive time calibration radio signals up to 5 times per day. If you are sick and tired of having to inconvenience others by asking them for the time, you might want to seriously consider this Casio model.

Seiko Men's Beige Nylon Strap Solar Dress Watch - 4 stars


The SNE331 has a diameter of 43mm, a thickness of 10.7mm and a lug width of 22mm. This is meant for medium to large wrists. The watch is a basic field style watch with a round case. The case is stainless steel with a shiny black ion finish. This gives the watch a bit of a cheap look to it. The case has a fixed bezel which is also coated in an ion black finish. On the top of the bezel at 12-O’clock you will find an orange arrow pointing towards 12-O’clock. I am not a big fan of the color on the case, although I am very fond of how resistant the case is to scratching. This is good as it does allow the watch to maintain its shape and looks.

This watch has a very nice and simplistic dial. The dial is Black with Khaki colored numbers and markers. It has large Arabic numerals at 12, 3, 6, and 9. You will find small hashes for the minutes and larger hash marks at five minute intervals. The hands of the watch are all white. Both the hour and minute hands have lume although the second hand does not. This watch features a day/date Calendar, which I liked. The day and date are both a milky white color. I am fond of this dial. It is simplistic and easy to read, just like a field or military watch should be. It also has an amazing color combination that really pulls the design together.

A simple band should be used on a simple watch. The nylon band that comes on the watch is outstanding. It is a khaki colored band, it has full body stitching which is also khaki colored. You will find 10+ holes for adjustability which makes this band great for many wrists. The buckle is an ion black. You will also find 2 loops which are khaki too. The band Is extremely comfortable. It doesn’t get hot or make you sweat. Another benefit of nylon is it dries quickly which allows this band to be submerged in water.

SNE331 Movement:
Powered by light, this watch is a perfect break from the normal movements. The SNE331 features a Japanese quartz movement powered by light energy.

Anything from a flashlight to the sun can charge and power this watch. The The amount of time to charge this watch depends on the source of light charging it. The watch can take 2 to 110 minutes to charge for a single day, .4 to 25 hours to charge for steady operation, and 9 to 10 hours to fully charge. Once fully charged this watch can last up to 10 months without needing to be charged again. Due to the fact that this watch is quartz, it has a ticking second hand motion. One feature that the movement has that is very innovative is preserving power and indicating the battery life when it is low. Once the battery reaches a certain level, it will start ticking every two seconds to preserve battery and also indicate that the battery is low.

Features, others:
For extra protection Seiko also made this watch water resistant to 10 bars. This means you can have the watch submerged under water up to a distance of 330ft or 100meters. When a company creates a military or field watch they know that it should be able to work and be able to handle various different conditions. Seiko has achieved this. I found that this watch is extremely strong. I have used this in the gym, for swimming, for doing housework, and just wearing it casually. It has held up perfectly. It is extremely resistant to scratching and holds up just like you would expect. One more feature that Seiko includes on this watch is Lumibrite which is a special luminous paint. It absorbs light energy and readmits it in a short period of time. This luminous paint is supposed to last much longer than what you may find on other luminous watches and it is also supposed to shine bright for a much greater period of time. For about 10 minutes of charging, the line can emit for 5-8 hours. Best of all the paint is non-toxic and harmless to the environment.

Who is this for:
This watch is for a person on a budget who does a lot of outdoor activities. It is also good for someone who loves the style of military watches.

Great looks, colors, lume, durability and price are what you are getting with this watch. For $205 you are definitely getting a bargain.

Seiko Men's SNE039 Stainless Steel Solar Watch  - 4 stars


The SNE039 shares the bottom rung of Seiko’s vast Core collection with a couple of other models. It is also one of the simplest designs in that collection, but I don’t consider that a bad thing. Its clean design makes this is a sophisticated and elegant dress watch with more than a passing resemblance to the revered Rolex Datejust. No matter how old you are, this is the kind of watch your dad wore back in the day, when he was cool. Combine the sleek style with Seiko’s reliable solar-powered quartz movement, and, at least on paper, this appears to be a very tempting purchase. Let’s find out a little more about the SNE039 to see if it is indeed as good as it seems.


At 37 millimeter’s wide, this case is on the smaller side, so if you are looking for one of those trendy large watches, keep looking. That said, it’s not so small that it will appear tiny unless you have unusually large wrists. At around 9 millimeters top to bottom, this is a nice and thin case, so it will easily slide under your cuff without getting caught. The thick, unadorned bezel gives a slightly more solid, casual vibe to this otherwise dressy watch.

Water resistant to 30 meters, this case is best suited for dry activities, but can stand up to the occasional splashing. Rotating the crown to change the day (upwards) and date (downwards) produces a satisfying clicking sound. As is expected with a relatively inexpensive dress watch without much water resistance, the crown does not screw down.

Classy Dial
The striking black sunburst dial just looks so good on this watch. Take it out in the sun and it shimmers brilliantly. Covered by Seiko’s proprietary Hardlex crystal, this is a simple, classy, no-nonsense dial design that has an ageless appeal. With stick hour markers, the only text on the watch (aside from the tiny movement information at the bottom) is the “Seiko” name printed under the 12 o’clock and “Solar” printed on the bottom half of the dial.

The one glaring exception to the elegant design of the dial is the white day and date display at the 3 o’clock position. This white display stands our starkly from the black dial, making for an unpleasant distraction from the classy dial. Seiko offers plenty of similar designs without the white date field in their Core collection, but they all cost at least $100 more than this model, so if you are on a budget, you might just have to live with this design.

Another negative is the poor lume on this watch. Seiko must have skimped on the Lumibrite, applied to the hands and hour markers, as it lasts only a couple of hours before fading. Other Seiko products using Lumibrite perform much better than this, leading me to think this is a problem of quantity rather than quality of lume.

SNE039 Movement
The SNE039 houses Seiko’s caliber V158 quartz movement, powered by solar or any other type of light energy. A 10-month power reserve means this watch does not need to be worn very often to retain its charge. One potential downside I see, although I acknowledge not everyone would agree, is the lack of an automatic movement.

While the Japanese quartz movement found here is sure to be accurate and reliable, it lacks the sophistication and vintage appeal of a mechanical movement. I don’t always prefer automatic movements, but on a dress watch in particular, I prefer the smooth, sweeping second hand motion that a quartz just can’t provide.

The stainless-steel bracelet with 3-across link design goes well with the overall appearance of this watch. A simple fold-over clasp with a two-button release holds things in place while the watch is on your wrist. This bracelet has a slightly cheap, jingly quality that doesn’t quite hold up to the luxury appearance of the watch.

Final Thoughts
While a couple minor details prevent it from being a truly beautiful dress watch, I still really admire the aesthetic of the SNE039. With a timeless design that should never go out of style, Seiko’s reliable quartz movement, and there is plenty to like about this timepiece.

A few demerits are worth keeping in mind as you consider this watch. For example, the cheap-feeling bracelet, while it looks great, is disappointing on such a handsome watch. Next, the lack of an automatic movement may or may not be a problem for you. I know plenty of people prefer quartz movements for their simplicity, accuracy, and dependability, but most watch enthusiasts agree that an automatic movement represents the ultimate in luxury timekeeping. Finally, the weak lume makes this watch a poor choice if you need to use it in the dark very much. If this is something you are looking for you can’t really go wrong at its current asking price!

Casio Men's GW7900B-1 G-Shock Black Solar Sport Watch - 4 stars


Wearability and Design

The G-Rescue is a beast of a watch. Even though I’m accustomed to smaller watches, there is something about the stealth design and material that makes this massive 50mm (17mm thick) case feel appropriate. The completely blacked out face surrounds a reverse LCD display that contains four large case screws at it’s corners. The screws themselves are purely cosmetic, and don’t actually provide access to the watch internals, but they look a lot better than the plastic caps you find on the other 7900 variants. The buttons for controlling the module are large and textured, and the G-button to activate the illumination is front and center.

The band is just as large as the watch, and long too. I have 6.5″ wrists and I had to cut mine in order to minimize the amount of extra strap in the keeper. The band is flexible and comfortable, and fairly standard issue for the larger G-Shocks.

One interesting component of the band are the “wings” that jut out of the case on the underside. These flexible “wings” help make the watch fit better for smaller wrists, and also make the watch a whole lot more comfortable.

The design of this watch is aggressive and there are a few elements that seem superfluous – the chromed-out countdown display for example. Casio isn’t exactly known for minimalist design so I won’t harp on it too much. This is an outdoor sport watch through and through. You can bash this thing on rocks, completely submerse it in sand, and it may come out looking a bit better for wear. Like all G-Shocks, it’s truly a watch you don’t have to worry about on the wrist.

The negative display is a usability issue for some people. Frankly, the legibility is mediocre. Outdoors, it doesn’t seem to pose a problem, but indoors it can be dim and difficult to read. This is the same issue I’ve had with other negative displays. They look really neat, but in the real world they just don’t perform well. In fact, while photographing the watch, it was difficult to find the right angles to allow the display to appear in photos. Keep in mind: if you enjoy the styling of the negative display (I do), it’s pretty easy to look past the legibility issues and enjoy the watch for what it is.

The 3200 module has all of the common core G-shock features (world time, alarm, stopwatch, timer etc.) along with two very useful and unique functions – Tidegraph and Moonphase. These features tell you the current phase of the moon and the position of the tides, respectively.

The moon-phase feature has a few interesting use cases. As an Arizona hiker, I’ve used to moon-phase to help me plan the best days to go hiking during the night. During the hot summers, it’s much cooler and the full moon helps to illuminate the trails. As an angler, the moon-phase can you help you determine the best times to fish (or find werewolves).

The Tidegraph is also a very useful feature; primarily appealing to shoreline anglers, boaters or surfers. This tool allows you to see the current state and direction of the tide in a simple visualization. With that information, it’s much easier to plan your beach and water trips to avoid exposed structure, or just find the most active surf. In addition to the current tide, you can also input different times into the computer to determine the tide state in the future, a very helpful feature.

Overall the G-Shock G-Rescue 7900 is another highly collectible watch from Casio. With it’s unique ocean-oriented features, the 7900 makes a great companion for boating, surfing, or other strenuous outdoor activities. It’s all black look might not be for everyone, so I recommend you cross-shop with the more contemporary 7900 variants, which come in positive displays with white, black, and red case styles.

Timex Men's TW4B15000 - 3 stars


Leather watches can never go out of style, and this leather watch for men has gained a large fan following as well. A variety of colors are available, tan being the most frequently purchased one. Other colors available include blue and orange accent. The design is super stylish and sturdy. The adjustable strap can fit the wrist circumference size up to 8 inches. The best part of this super stylish watch is its battery reserve. Once you charge it in light, it can stay charged up to 2 months! The readability is also great due to the large font size as well as orange and blue accents on the blue dial color.

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